Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Chapters?

Welp.. Last day at the previous job was Thursday. Tomorrow I start the new job! It's downtown so I'll be taking the train. Me and a friend with have the joy of doing this together. I suspect mornings will be quiet and afternoons more excited. I'm excited. The ONLY down side is my schedule will be completely different from Syd's. Giving us only Friday afternoons, Saturday and Sunday mornings together. It's going to be a huge change from seeing each other almost all day everyday to seeing each other a total of two days a week.

He actually just left for work. So I've turned out all the lights opened the blinds to our balcony and am currently enjoying the sounds and grey of the rain. Also Supernatural. It's not terrible. The alone time is good.

So part of getting up and doing more things around Austin i went to a Disney Art show. It was nice. Not exactly what I expected but it was nice. I took some snaps of some Alice in Wonderland ones.

Look how pretty.

I'm going to continue this trend of checking out new places and things in Austin. i think working down town will help. Especially on Fridays since the last train is at midnight I'll have more time to scope out new places, events and people.

For now I'm going to go back to my relaxing couch potato day. He's a picture of Misu who knows exactly how to relax!

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