Sunday, April 3, 2016

Well I missed some Days...

I knew I would but I'm here now. Friday was an especially stressful day of fuckery but I survived with a little help from the universe and my friends. i don't feel like thinking to much about it and since it includes work stuff it's certainly not something I'm going to put out on the internet but overall my normal morning turned to suckage about 20 minutes after waking up. So I took it upon myself to cheer myself up! ADULTING! I went to the bank to fix my debit card after they fucked it up and then I treated myself to breakfast at the Domain, where a friendly person supplied me with napkins to wipe the wet seat and table since I chose to eat outside! They then came back out to give me more napkins since I did use the original ones they gave me to wipe the water! It was a small gesture but it helped a lot.

My breakfast.

My friends from work decided it was a good night to have a some drinks so that was also very nice.

Last night we went to Top Golf which was surprisingly fun. Golfing has never ever ever been something i would be interested in. Hitting a golf ball super drunk surrounded by friends. Yes. Yes that is interesting AND fun! It was a fucking great night.

Look at me hit those balls!!!

aw we are cute!

It was exactly what I fucking needed after that shit day Friday!

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