Saturday, April 9, 2016


Roaring Fork Cheese Cake

So it's been an interesting week. Mostly work things that i can't get into on a public blog like this. Life outside of work however has been pretty great. I know someone else as interested in poly and open type relationships. Which is great because not a lot of people understand or would be willing to discuss that. If they are they have a completely different idea of what that means than I do. Which is fine but since the view is so skewed from mine we don't have much to talk about. So it's refreshing.

Last night we had a few drinks. Some whisky Sours. Pretty good stuff.

I've only left my bed to feed the animals. I don't really feel like starting my day yet. It's actually just going to be a stay at home movie day. So food shopping for things to make home made snacks and then just whatever movies we decide to watch all day, there are few Ghibli movie Syd hasn't seen so probably those. Syd getting ready for Dark Souls (his favorite game) to come out Tuesday, so this is kind of my weekend to do whatever I want with him since he will be playing that game all fucking week. Oh well. Love. This does mean I get movie day all day today and then tomorrow we will be on Lake Austin for a good portion of the day. Maybe try a restaurant down town we haven't tried yet. Something on the cheaper side since we are trying to save our date account for PECHE!

Misu coaxing us out of bed

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