Wednesday, April 13, 2016


My bestest frand!

So we took Misu to the park Sunday! It was probably the BEST day this month and exactly the day I needed. Even though I did act like a like a brat at some point in the day it was still a very great day. We had to pick up a new life jacket for Misu. Her last one was stored in a cabinet under a leaky water cooler so we had to toss it due to mold. My dog has stumpy little corgi legs and though I know she can swim I'm not taking the chance. So we picked that up first thing! It was really really cute. See below

It was way too cold to put her in the water to float around but she seemed to have a good time anyway. There was enough wind that we just let the current carry canoe half the time. It was super fucking peaceful.

Peaceful as fuck

We later took naps at Zilker park. Which was also just fantastic. Sunday could not have been any better.

We are very very cute

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