Thursday, April 14, 2016


Last night I had the worst dream- nightmare? Nightmare.

I was pregnant, but not just pregnant. About to burst with a child. I had no idea and the dream started with my water breaking. I was ready to cry and jump in front of a moving truck. It was just terrible. Some how my family, that lives in Florida, we at my bed side. My mother and my sister are there cheering me on while I scream at Sydney for fucking everything up!!! "We can't move around now. Life is going to suck." It was bad. All the while he's just saying sorry holding my hand while I screamed at him.

Ugh, it was just super stressful

Doctor and nurses are coming in and out of the room while I'm still scream at syd how he ruined my life and my mom and sister are beside themselves with joy. Syd seemed indifferent to the actual child being born and just more trying to help me through the situation. I actually think this is how he would handle if we actually did have a child. Fuck the baby, hows my wife doing? I'm pretty sure if there were complications and Syd had to choose the baby would lose out. Considering neither of us have any interest in a child it will never come up!

Back to the thing: My sister and my mother are cheering me on while I do those weird breathing exercises. I'm crying and yelling and Syd holding my blue hair. Ugh. It was horrible.

So half way through the thing, the birthing thing, the doctor comes in and says we have to switch rooms!!!! So we are all settled into this room and we have to leave it. By that point I had woken up. I felt like I was drenched in sweat.

Syd actually woke me up because I have to leave for work at 11 and it was 10-1030.

Terrible Dream.

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